About Us - Devende

Free-spirited vacationers who do not want to stay connected to hotels during their summer holidays and have decided to explore the region they are going to as if they were a local no longer hesitate to use the daily home rental options in the summer areas. We are ready to select the ad that fits your holiday understanding from thousands of houses in dozens of regions and provide you with the guarantee of safe rental of your dream holiday. If you want to use the beach at any time with your family without any charge per person, not having to wake up early for breakfast in the morning and turn your holiday into a holiday of rest and discovery, the daily rental summer house option is for you.

personalized excursions

When you book a Devende home, you will, if you wish, be connected to a dedicated travel designer who will take care of the details of your five-star stay.

expertly designed

It has extremely stylish interiors that leave an impression, houses, villas, bungalows and thousands of other types of houses.

Luxury amenities

With the wide range of facilities we offer, it has all the necessary equipment to meet your needs with space and privacy.

Special travel plans

Your travel designer can plan all the details until the last minute and make sure everything is right.

300 point inspection and inspection

It is checked that every place is clean and meticulously maintained.

Reach home easily

Private transfer from the airport, personal welcome and full house are some of its additional highlights.

Special services for you

From private chefs to massage therapists, a team of local professionals is ready to serve you.

Are you planning a freer and more enjoyable holiday instead of the classic hotel holidays? Holiday rentals offer you the opportunity to easily take advantage of all the facilities of the holiday while offering you the comfort of home. You can review the rental holiday homes that you can find through our company and book them without any prepayment.